Transport of waste water and drainage of wastewater Pump


Vortex PumpDVP

  • -Discharge amount (m3/min)0.15 ~ 5㎥/m
  • -Total pump head (m):7.5 ~ 27m
  • -Temperature (℃) :Max. 90℃
  • -Number of rotations (RPM) :1750rpm (4 Pole)
  • -Caliber (mm) :40 ~ 125 mm
Product Description Use Performance Option

  • Product Description
  • - This is a product enabling pumping of liquid including particles and solids by causing turbulences within the casing.

    - It is designed in the structure of not being caught in projected parts, corners or edges, and the rotator is attached in the casing that it is proper for moving liquids including solids.